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Non profit accounting is crucial for Non-Profit (NPO) organizations, as it ensures well-organized bookkeeping and precise financial statements for effective budget management and success. At CNC, we excel in non-profit accounting, offering reliable and tailored services to meet the unique needs of non-profit charities and societies. Our expertise keeps your organization compliant with CRA, BCLC, and other regulatory bodies.

Trust in our non-profit accounting solutions to align with your organization’s goals, providing essential reports like monthly budgets, financial statements, and annual charity returns, thereby enhancing your society’s financial health and mission fulfillment.

Non Profit Accounting Services

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What People Say?

"Nafees and his professional team have provided me with a broad range of services to help manage my small business for the last ten years including recent support through the sale of the business to new owners. I found the quality of his services to have been excellent and it was always reassuring to have Nafees' providing advice and guidance, virtually as a partner with me, as the business grew. I continue to use his services for my personal financial matters."
Glen Quarrington
Glenn Quarrington
Owner (Ex VP of BestBuy)
Recently Coastal Sound Music Academy found themselves looking for a new accounting firm to perform an annual review engagement. There were the usual issues to consider when deciding on an accounting firm; experience with non-profit accounting and reporting requirements, price, the willingness to assist with various federal and provincial filings if necessary and provide advice on financial issues that might arise from time to time. Nafees Chaudhry and his firm CNC Chartered Professional Accountant certainly met these criteria but in addition, Nafees was genuinely interested in our organization. He took the time to understand what our organization did, what our goals were, what we did on a daily basis to accomplish those goals and what we were expecting to accomplish in the future. When an accounting firm can provide all the necessary professional expertise, an excellent price structure and a genuine interest in our organization, the decision was easy to make. Thank you Nafees
Shirley Reeve
Coastal Sound Music Academy Society
Nafees and his team is fantastic! I have multiple corporations and working with Nafees since 2012. Nafees is great in explaining things in easy plain terms and taking away the stress related to bookkeeping and taxes. The entire team at CNC has taken the time to get to know us on a personal level, which most other accounting firms ignore. It is not just all business with CNC, there is a sincere passion for wanting me to grow as a business. He also discusses matters outside of the accounting scope to make my business profitable which shows Nafees’ knowledge about the business and the industry as a whole. They are also very prompt in responding to my questions. I am very pleased with them and recommend Nafees for all types of business-related accounting, bookkeeping and, tax work.
Shawn S.
Globe Shields

Why Us for Non Profit Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

In the specialized field of non profit accounting and bookkeeping, our services stand out for several key reasons. Firstly, we understand that non profit organizations operate under specific ASNPO and CRA rules, requiring expertise beyond typical for-profit accounting standards. Our team is adept in handling these unique requirements, ensuring compliance with all federal and provincial accounting rules, a critical aspect of maintaining tax-exempt status.

Our services are adaptable to cater to the varied non profit accounting needs of different non profit organizations. Whether it’s handling in-house bookkeeping functions for larger organizations or providing outsourced services for month-end financial statements, tax preparation, and audits, we have the expertise to meet your specific needs.

Transparency and timely delivery in financial reporting is crucial for non profits. Our non profit accounting practices are designed to ensure meticulous recording, tracking, meeting deadlines, and analysis of your organization’s revenue and expenses. This transparency is vital for maintaining your tax-exempt status and aligning with your organization’s mission.

In summary, our non profit accounting and bookkeeping services provide the specialized knowledge, adaptability, and transparency essential for non-profit organizations to thrive and maintain compliance. By choosing us, you gain a partner committed to supporting the unique financial landscape of your non-profit organization.