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Income Tax Checklists To save time download easy to use personal and business income tax checklists to make sure that you have complete tax documents. Thank you for choosing Chaudhry Nafees & Company, Chartered Professional Accountant to facilitate your tax filing and looking after your financial affairs.

Canadian Tax Checklists

Personal Taxes

Download Personal Income Tax Checklist

Rental Income

Download Checklist To Report Rental Income

Employment Deductions

Download Checklist to Report Employment Deductions


Download Checklist to Report Contractors, Sole Proprietorship Income and Expenses

Foreign Property

Download Checklist to Report Foreign Property & Income T1135

Corporation Taxes

Download Tax Checklist to Compile Corporation Paperwork

Monthly Bookkeeping Paperwork

Download Checklist - Guidelines to Submit Monthly Paperwork

Reporting Home Office Expenses

Download Spreadsheet to Report Home Office Expenses for Taxes

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