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Personal Tax Accountant

Personal Tax Accountant – we provide quick, cost effective and accurate tax returns to individuals, non-residents, self-employed, investors, and many others. We don’t just prepare personal taxes, we put in the extra effort to help you to understand your taxes in order to achieve your short-term and long-term goals, including preserving capital and growing net worth. A comprehensive checklist is available to facilitate the personal tax filing here

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Personal Tax Filings

Behind in tax filings or want to file under the volunteer disclosure program (VDP)? Don’t be stressful. We will maximize your tax refund by utilizing all credits and deductions available to you. Missing tax slips, no worries. 

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We prepare all types of returns, personal, business, rental, corporate, trust & estate, US, and non-residents.


At CNC, we help more than 800 individuals with their personal income tax filing requirements every year. A personal tax checklist is available on our website to ensure all information required to prepare personal income tax is included. We prepare wide variety of personal and business tax returns.


Personal taxes preparation is more than completing tax forms. At CNC, we will review or prepare a comprehensive retirement plan. We will answer your questions, such as, why do you need a retirement plan? How much do you need to save to retire comfortably? What are the best retirement saving strategies? Finally we will address the implication of RRSP, TFSA, CPP, OAS, and GIS on your retirement.


We use a holistic approach when it comes to wealth management planning. Unlike other accounting firms, we review your personal tax planning, corporate tax planning, and estate planning in combination to achieve optimal long term goals.


It is utmost important to keep track of all your investments such as, stocks, mutual funds, and crypto currency investments. In Canada, CRA requires you to calculate capital gains or losses using an adjusted cost base. This can be a very complex calculation if you are trading more often through-out the year.


A proper estate plan will help you to save thousands of dollars in taxes. We will work with you to plan effective income splitting strategies and minimize personal income taxes and probate fees at death.


You are a non-resident for tax purposes if you: normally live in another country, do not have significant residential ties in Canada, and stay less than 183 days in the tax year in Canada. At CNC every year we help non-resident property owners to complete their tax obligations. We help them to file personal taxes under section 216. A proper tax plan can help non-residents to reduce their tax with-holding requirement.

Why Us?

personal tax return preparation


Our staff is comprised of professional accountants. They have earned the highest Canadian accounting designations. We have been preparing personal and business taxes for more than 20 years. 

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We provide you a fixed upfront quote, no hidden fees.

cra audit help

We will be by your side in case of a CRA audit. We provide you support through-out the process to represent you and deal with the CRA reassessment.

peace of mind

As a personal tax accountant we know all the ins and outs of the tax system. We will get the maximum refund.

What People Say?

Google Review
I brought my 2018 return into CNC to be reviewed as I felt I had missed something when I had originally filed. Sure enough, they were able to spot it and I am now waiting for a refund from Revenue Canada in the mail! I dealt with the owner, Nafees, who is friendly, knowledgeable and prompt. I'll definitely be bringing my taxes to him again this year. It was a very positive experience.
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Jane Evans
Google Review
Nafees has great problem solving skills. I had an issue with CRA for a while. They not only hold all my 2017 refund but also reassessed me for additional taxes. My previous accountant couldn't resolve the issue. Nafees handled the matter within few weeks. Not only I received my 2017 refund but also CRA reversed the reassessment. Nafees also filed 2018 taxes and I received my 2018 refund as well within couple of weeks. On the top of all this customer service was great, very polite staff. Fees was very reasonable. I will recommend Nafees for all the tax work. I am not going to change accountant anymore. This is the firm, I will be using from now on, for all my tax work.
cpa coquitlam
Marty Green
Google Review
Thanks Nafees for helping me out with my business taxes and saving me time and substantial taxes. With your professional approach and recommendations the whole process was painless. I will definitely recommend you among my friends for all bookkeeping and the tax work. Good to have an advisor like you during this difficult COVID19 times. Your advise was very helpful for my business.
cpa coquitlam
Janet Wesley

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