Filing US Taxes in Canada

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Filing US Income Taxes

Filing US Income Tax Returns – CPA accounting firm located in Coquitlam offers comprehensive US Income Tax Return services to cater to the needs of both personal and corporate clients. It’s a legal requirement for US citizens residing in Canada to file a tax return if they earn income from a Canadian or American source. Canadian residents who have rental property investments in the US are also required to file a US tax return. At CNC, we understand the complexities involved in filing these returns, including the use of foreign tax credits to avoid double taxation. We offer to take care of the entire process for you, ensuring timely and accurate input of all required information. Our primary objective is to make this process as advantageous for you as possible. You can rely on us to handle your US Income Tax Returns with precision and professionalism.

What covers in US tax filing services?

US taxes - cpa accountant coquitlam

Rental Properties

If you own a rental property we can help you to prepare both federal and the state taxes.

reporting income

Weather you worked part of the year in the US and part of the year in Canada, we will help you prepare both tax returns and will make sure to utilize all the deductions and credits available to you to minimize your taxes.

Canada and US Treaty

We will utilize all the tax treaty rules between Canada and the US taxes to minimize your taxes.

FBAR Report

You must file a FBAR if the aggregate value of the foreign financial accounts exceeds $10,000 at any time during the calendar year. We will prepare and file the return.

Types of US Tax Filings

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"Nafees and his professional team have provided me with a broad range of services to help manage my small business for the last ten years including recent support through the sale of the business to new owners. I found the quality of his services to have been excellent and it was always reassuring to have Nafees' providing advice and guidance, virtually as a partner with me, as the business grew. I continue to use his services for my personal financial matters."
Glen Quarrington
Glenn Quarrington
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I am glad I found this accounting firm! The owner, Nafees Chaudhry is very knowledgeable, competent, efficient, friendly and overall, an excellent accountant. He handles both my personal and business taxes. He does a great job and is always on time providing his services and getting the work done. The bonus is that their services are reasonably priced too. They are always willing to help and available to answer your questions. I highly recommend Nafees Chaudhry and his accounting firm. They are the best, and I have dealt with others accountants, as such, I can truly say that Nafees Chaudhry is by far the best. They also do US taxes. Thumbs up!!
Georgina Velasquez
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...Once again and as alway, excellent service. I'm sure we're some of the very few Canadians that don't get too stressed at tax time, and that's because we know we're in good hands!
Sandy and Genevieve Amy